With our partner UAVision (Drone/UAV “military grade manufacturer”) we deliver different models for multiple applications.

News and Event Coverage

In an age where newscasts are rapidly becoming all-digital and mobile, a news crew can easily carry this Quadcopter in a standard van with the rest of the technical gear.

Once on location, the Quadcopter can quickly be deployed in a few minutes, and start transmitting live feeds that enrich and give additional impact to the reporter's work.

Cinema and Corporate productions

Throughout the history of cinema, filming crews have developed devices and structures to enable them to capture scenes from refreshing perspectives that could lend the desired emotion to the scenes being filmed.

Equipped with a high-quality camera, this Quadcopter has a place in any movie director's toolbox, as it enables a camera to be placed and operated in places that previously unthinkable of.

Wherever an helicopter is too large, too noisy, too intrusive, or too expensive, the UX-801C is just right.Simply put, it opens new creative directions for dynamic sequences and surprising perspectives.

In a competitive market, being able to quickly deploy a camera in an unusual or hard to reach location can be decisive in getting "that shot" for a movie, ad or photo session.