Track Camera


OmniCam Track Camera System is a remotely controllable dolly with camera head.

The narrow-gauge aluminum rail (11cm) guides the camera smoothly and safely, both along straight runs and around curves with a minimum radius of just 150cm. 

A digital control panel operates the dolly. Automated moves can be programmed or the system can be controlled via a joystick and foot pedal. 

The Omnicam is also designed for suspended mounting. Whether mounted lying or suspended, the low gauge saves you time and money when setting up and transporting the system. 

Rail profiles of various lengths and various curve radiuses are also available

For capturing unique perspectives from angles unreachable by conventional handheld, tripod, or full-sized remote-controlled camera support systems


  • Versatile usable
  • Automated camera cruises
  • Mountable hanging or standing
  • Compact dimensions and small dead weight
  • Joystick or foot pedal controlling
  • Easy handling