Mini Cameras


A brand new MiniCam X5A System and X5C standalone camera, included in a wide variety of applications for this type of cameras and lenses, such as BeautyShot, InGoal, MiniJib, Pan & Tilt MiniCam.

With custom-made rig and signal transmission solutions, O4S delivers HD SD-SDI 3G video signal pictures from special angles with fully remote-controlled cameras.


  • Easy set up - one single 10m cable between camera and case, one single SMPTE Hybrid cable between camera case and CCU/OBVan, one single Ethernet, RJ45 cable between CCU and OCP.
  • Tough - high performance resin cases, camara and lenses enclosure protection, one camera connector for all signals, robust and reliable hybrid Lemo connectors.
  • User friendly Quick installation and easy OCP operation (similar to well-known brands).
  • Versatile - Always available for your custom use a second spare fiber way thru Hybrid cable. Always available an extra bidirectional way HDSDI 3G/12G + one ethernet RJ45. All over only one SMTPE hybrid cable.
  • Future Proof - The up-to-date available system is 3G – HDSDI, easy upgradable to 12G - 4K.