Hypermotion Camera


OmniCam4Sky Hypermotion Camera System powered by the Emmy® Award winning Phantom, is available as multiple affordable solutions for sports broadcasters with newly integrated system components provide by OmniCam4Sky.

HyMotion camera offers a unprecedented level of convenience and creativity.  

Aside from providing high frame rate speeds, also offers a superior flexibility and integration into broadcast operations, with a range of features and ease of use optimized for the rigors of demanding broadcast schedules.

HyMotion provides a relevant answer for sports productions requirements (100 times slower than live action) with instant replays.

Its superior performance, clever design, and breathtaking image quality extends the range of utra-slow-motion applications.

Key Features:

  • Use on Sports, Films, Commercials and Documentaries
  • Dual output - can be used as a live camera whilst replay is taking place
  • Runs from single SMPTE fibre cable
  • Uses only one channel on the disk recorder
  • Use any B4 or PL mount